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A league. 2nd february morning.

Brisbane Roar – Wellington Phoenix
wellington +0,5ah @1.74 pinnacle

Brisbane left Kurtishi(att 10/1) and Smith(df 10/0) – two regular players.. they made couple of good signings, they bring Polenz(RB defender), De Vere(central defener) and Kaludjerovic(striker) but they came in squad just before some days so there still isnt team chemistry.
Big blow for this match is that Brisbane will miss important defender North(df 13/0) who is suspended, also big blow is that Silva(att 13/7 top scorer) is injured, Lambaridis(mf 0/0) also injured but he is not important player. Two important midiflers McKay(mf 8/0) and Broich(mf 7/1) are both very doubtful. New signing Andrija Kaludjerovic(striker) cant play too.

Wellington without any important absence for this match, only minus for club is that Brockie(att 10/2) left club. this two clubs met just before 1 month Wellington 3-0 Brisbane, (in that match Wellignton was without Burns(att 12/10 top scorer) and Krishna(att 10/5 ,2nd scorer) now both are back in team!

it will be close and tough match but i believe that Wellington can take at least 1 point here


belgium. 1st pick in February

Lierse – Standard Liege 2 @1.82 (188bet , pinnacle)
stake: 3/10 my bet,pinnacle

Problems in Lierse club. Coach is sacked because of bad results before 3 days so now they will be led by his assistant i think. Some good players from first squad were kicked out and moved in B team without reason.  Swinkels(df 14/0), new signing Mimic(df 1/0), captain Losada(mf 20/1) and Curto(mf 6/0) were moved in B team..
Also Lierse miss five players because of injury, Buysens(Df 4/0), Matoukou(df 6/1), Hanin(df 9/0), Masika(mf 14/1) and best striker Keita(att 19/5 top scorer), plus Ntambwa get red card in last match and now is suspended.

Standard must win this to stay in top 6 placed teams (play off champions league places), today tehy will miss regular keeper Kawashima(12/0) but he is out already 3-4 matches so not serious blow. Team is in good form and good mood because tehy win Anderlecht in last round 2-0 at home.

odds go up without any reason.


January stats (free picks)

21 won picks – 4 void picks – 6 lost picks
profit: +51,04 units !!! it was a good month.

also I make good profit on live picks too, about live picks you can follow me on

And I also want to inform you that I stop vip service and I wont sell picks in next 3 months (I make pause), after maybe 2-3 months pause I will start again but I will inform you about that in future.

Best Regards, Che


Italy Serie A
Milan – Parma
Milan without Zapata(df 11/0), Bonera(df 10/0), Mexes(df 9/1), De Sciglio(df 13/0), Abate(df 14/0), De Jong(mf 15/2), Montolivo(mf 8/0), El Shaarawy(att 15/1) and Bonaventura(att 18/3)
Parma had financial problems but they got new owner so money problems now are behind them. True leader and top scorer Cassano left club but still they have average roster which can fight to avoid relegation. Today they miss Mendes(df 9/0), Coda(att 9/2), Jorquera(att 7/0), Belfodil(att 11/0) and Acqual(mf 14/0).

Cesena – Lazio
Lazio with long list of absences, Gentiletti(df 2/0), Ciani(df 7/0), Braafheid(Df 11/0), Radu(df 12/0), de Vrij(df 18/0), Biglia(mf 15/1), Anderson(mf 1/5), Lulic(mf 16/3) and Djordjevic(att 20/7 top scorer). Also first keeper Marchetti(gk 15/0) is doubtfull

Spain Segunda
Osasuna – Zaragoza
Osasuna still having problems with absences, Loties(df 4/0), Oier(df 1/0) and Loe(mf 16/2) are injured, de las Cuevas(mf 20/4) left club which is big blow, Cadamuro(df 12/0), Nekounam(mf 11/4) and Mabwati(Att 5/0) are on international duty.
I recomend here some under bets because weather is extremly bad and there is big possibility match to be postponed. here some pictures from field; and

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free pick

Spanish segunda
Sabadell – Barcelona B
Barca +0,5ah @1.83 pinnacle,sbobet
stake: 5/10
FT 1-3 easy WIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D  +4,15 units

derby match of Cataluna, both teams from same region.
Sabadell without long term injured important players Longas(mf 4/0) and best striker Tamudo(att 6/4 ,2nd scorer). Crespi(df 13/0), Hervas(mf 17/2) and Gato(att 17/3) are all injured too, Nauzet(first gk 21/0) is suspended. Ariday(att 5/0) left club.

Barca B miss key midifler Segi Samper(mf 19/0) and that is huge absence but they will have Munir(from A team) to help Barca B today which is big boost.
imo this match is equal and there Barca is better team for me.


Free strong pick 31 January!

Basketball ABA League
Cibona – Krka 2 @2.20 bet365
stake: 5/10
FT 76-81 WIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D  +6 units!! my bet in wwin my bet in pinnacle

Cibona in big mess curently, I already wrote about their financial problems and problems with roster and small rotation.,Cibona___Buducnost,99130.html , this was just before 2 weeks…
best players leave club, playmaker and one of leaders Blassingame(13,3ppg-7,2apg) and best player Markota(12,8ppg-6,4rpg) both left club, Van oostrum(2,2ppg-1,8rpg) and Barac(was long term injured) also left. Situation today is even harder because Best player who stayed Jure Lalic(12,7ppg-4,2rpg) also left club!!!! So another big blow!
And another massive problem is that now key player Ilievski(7,3pg-2,8apg-2,4rpg) got some injury and is big doubt for this match!!

Krka in last match had injury problems (they were without 4-5 players) but now situation is better, good news is that best player Armstead(17.1ppg-4,3apg) is back from injury, now only 2 players on injury list.

first match Krka 70-80 Cibona (for cibona in that match Markota 18pts, Lalic 14pts and Blassingame 9pts + 10 assistants)


brazil basketball

Brazil Basketball
Franca – Macae
franca -5ah @1.81 pinnacle [ ]
stake: 3/10
FT 74-66 WIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D  +2,43 units

Franca is solid team, currently 6th palced with 10w-7l , thy simply must win this match to stay in fight for top 4 places which is their target. Franca when wins on home field is always covering this handicap.

Macae is average team, 11th palced with 7w-11l and they are very poor on away ground 1w-8l (and only two times on away ground they lost with less than 5 points difference…)
Ian Young(8,9pppg-2,4rpg-1,9apg) is injured and wont play which is big blow for team, best player Jamaal Smith(17,1ppg-3,4rpg-3,5apg) and Atilio(9,6ppg-3,3rpg) are big doubts, Atilio have big chances to play because he have flu which is not so serious but Smith is 50/50 because he si carrying injury!

if Smith and Atilio are not playing than thsi will be easy home win, GL


Iran Premeir Division

Foolad – Sorinet 
foolad -1ah @1.98 (188bet)
stake: 3/10
FT 2-0 WIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D  +2,94 units

Foolad is solid team fighting for top positions and very strong at home 5w-2d-1l..
this winter transfer period they strenghted theri squad pretty much, they bring Alenemah(df 12/0 from Tractor), Moslaman(mf 11/2 from Zob Ahan) and amazing striker Ghazi(att 15/4 Esteghlal) > all of them very good players! Also big boost will be come back of Rahmani(great midifler,captain, was big talent, was long term injured).

Rah Ahan (Sorinet) is having problems.. best striker Gholami(att 15/3) left club!!! Nenezic(gk 8/0), Soleiman(mf 2/0),Alipour(att 8/1), Noor(df 7/0), Khonakadr(mf 6/0), Abshak(mf 8/0)  also left ..
They sign only 3-4 new players (but all of them are shit) and promote 3-4 youngsters from their school.
coach said that currently they are worst team in league >


Iran Pro League

Saba Qom – Padideh
padideh +0,25ah @1.85 (12bet)  1.8 sbobet
stake: 4/10

in first half of season Padideh 1-1 Saba Qom (saba qom scored in 95min for 1-1…) now Padideh is much stronger and Saba Qom much weaker, only advantage for Saba Qom is the home field.

Saba Qom left some key players.. club left: Hagjhou(df 14/0), Mehdizadeh(mf 12/0), Bayat(df 7/0), Aurelio(best player, mf 13/5 top scorer) and Hassanzadeh(mf 14/4 ,2nd scorer and best assistant). all of them important players,starters.

they bring some players like replacement for this leavings but they are too weak and poor.. here are new signings: Chakhavsili(0/0, 21y old from 2nd georgian league), Kazemi(mf, -/-), Talaleimanesh(mf 2/0 from 2nd iran league) and only solid signing Ousani(att 11/2 Esteghlal)
Also another important ifnormation is that Saba Qom will play this match without fans. And another big blow for Saba is that currently best player in squad cameroon striker Ambono Achille(att 10/2) is unavailable!!!

Padideh kept best players like Prahic(df 16/1), Jovanovic(df 14/2), sadeghi(mf 16/3), KNezevic(mf 14/0) …. they also make some good signigns Gholami(att 12/3 from Rab Ahan), great midifler Haghighi(mf 15/0) and some others experienced old defenders.
Only key striker and top scorer Enayati(att 16/5) left but they bring replacement.

I believe that Padideh is able to take at least 1 point to this weak and poor Saba Qom’s team.


just a info

Baksetball Denmark
Randers – Bakken Bears

Randers in big financial problems, all know that. They got transfer embargo and cant bring new players.
Club left: Miskovic(13,5ppg-7,5rpg),  Adrian Casas(3,4ppg-1,1rpg), Charles Burgess(19,6ppg-4,5rpg-3,6pg), Chnan Colman(12,1ppg-5,3rpg), Joe Benjamin(11,1ppg-6,8rpg), Dragan Petronic(7,9ppg-5,9rpg), Thorpe(18,2ppg-7,6rpg).

Now in roster they have only 8 players but one of them is 40 years old and one is 36 years old… [true here are 9 but 1 left club before few days too] the player who left before few days is Naundrup(40y old), he left because of bad financial situation too.

Before four days coach Ruzicic annouced that he left the club, antoher huuuuge blow for club! Now they will be without coach becuase club didnt find new coach. Also in last match COlas(14,0ppg-8,6rpg) one of best players who stayed didnt played becuase of injury he is big doubt for today too!!
if he is not ready Randers again will play with just 7 players…


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